I am a Berlin based photographer starting a new picture series, celebrating the male body in terms of photography versus painting.

I’m looking for models of all shapes and sizes (muscular, skinny, in shape, hairy, tattooed, unique etc..) who are wiling to pose in various states of undress.

The willowy, slim-hipped, long-legged males featured in Northern Romanticism or the stalwart, well-muscled warrior type more predominant in the Mediterranean?
The heavily connoted figures of classical heroes or the softer edges of a 18th century Rococo gentleman's body?
May a contemporary aesthetic be emotional as much as an iconography?

These are my subtle and challenging issues in regard to male portraiture, that flourishes especially among strangers for the fact that allows me to venture on beguiling, unknown features.

This is paid EUR 7 per hour and you will receive the images digital as well as a print if you want.

Please contact me with all relevant information, such as days that you are free, age, etc.
Also, please include a few images of yourself, preferably a full-length and close image, as well as with your shirt off if possible.

These sessions will be mostly shooting indoor, on the attic of a building located in Kreuzkölln.

Other practical information at the time of the first meeting. 

Please forward onto friends,