“…the underwater landscape gradually lit up, and in the shimmering, emerald-green light, illuminated by the sun, there stretched out before me the sandy seabed, on which the gleam from the playful waves created an interweaving pattern of colorful bands of light. Here and there, individual groups of coral were growing on the stones in the sand, and a reddish shadow in the distance signalled the area where a thick block of Madreporia (stony corals) rose up from the depths in a fantastic shape…eagerly I stretched out my hand towards a coral, but could not touch it, just like a child who tries to grasp things beyond its reach, because in the water everything seems to be so deceptively near and, at the same time, smaller, so that one’s normal sense of distance and size is completely lost.You soon realize that in the depths of the ocean you need not only to learn how to move, but how to see and hear as well.”
Eugen von Ransonnet-Villez, 1868